Big Sur Ceremonies - Soaring Starkey

Other Ceremonies

Blessing Ceremony - photo by Kira GodbeThere are key moments in life which are recognizable as life changing and worthy of acknowledgment.

A life affirming celebration of the transformations one is experiencing can be intimate or shared with family, friends and community. Listed below are some of the types of custom made ceremonies I have created.

Commitment Ceremonies

Choosing to exchange vows with another is a profound expression of love and devotion. I have performed ceremonies for those who wish to commit to their relationship without legal documents, including same sex couples.

Wedding Renewals

Renewal Ceremony - photo by Chris SuttonCommemorating an anniversary with a renewal ceremony is always a rich and rewarding experience. Honoring the history of a shared life often creates a perspective of gratitude and a deepening of the couple's commitment.

"Soaring has given us memories that are forever woven into our lives. Over the last 12 years she has renewed our marriage vows on our twentieth anniversary, performed a gratitude ceremony on our twenty-fifth and as we approach our thirtieth Soaring will, we are sure, amaze us again." - Tim and Karla Riordan

Baby Blessings - Blessings of the Expectant Parents

Grandparents, godparents, children and friends all enjoy welcoming a new baby to the world and new parents to their role. Participants often present symbolic gifts to represent their best wishes. There is sweetness and wonder and well as laughter and lots of advice.

Rites of Passage

Sharon's Circle - photo by Jaci PappasIn the last decade I participated in and led several ceremonies for large groups of women to celebrate their rites of passage as maidens, mothers and elders. The Women of the 14th Moon ceremonies were a powerful experience for the participants in building self esteem and a sense of community. I have also led several ceremonies to honor women who have formally welcomed becoming elders on their 60th birthday.


The purpose of a memorial is to strengthen and help heal those left behind, as well as honor the one who died.

"I am so deeply appreciative of your loving presence at my brother's memorial and passage service…and I am honored to know you and to have shared you with my brother, his children, and our family. You touched us all in a profound way. Thank you for your quiet and powerful way of being in the world." - Bonny McGowen

I ask that it be for the highest good of all concerned