Big Sur Ceremonies - Soaring Starkey

Letters of Appreciation

I want to thank you, again, for the wonderful ceremony last Sunday for my daughter, Jenny, and her husband, Brian. Many of us came to that cypress grove not knowing quite what to expect, but we left with an abiding memory of a spiritual ceremony that was filled with meaning for everyone there. Your warm and gentle spirit, with a dash or two of your infectious laugh, set the tone for a beautiful day. It is easy to see why Jenny and Brian responded to you the way they did. - Jonathan Reid

'What an amazing person.' 'She was so the right person for the job.' 'The Soaring person was right … kindness is the most important part of a relationship.' 'That Soaring lady, where'd you find her? She did such a great job.' We could go on… Thank you for helping make our most special moments even better. Your style, working with us, your calm, your prompting just the right way…it all just went so beautifully. We will never forget you. - Derek and Erika Stuart

I am writing to thank you for the beautiful words you spoke at Susan and Gregg's wedding ceremony. Not only were your words meaningful, but you also have a powerful and peaceful way that filled each one of us. How wonderful to have you be the one to marry them without having met you before! You were such an important part of that special day. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met you for that brief, eventful time in our family's life. - C.B.

We arrived home with wonderful memories that will last the rest of our lives. You played a huge part in our wedding. God certainly directed us to you and I am so grateful. Your genuine, loving spirit weaved itself throughout our time together. Your calmness helped us be calm, and your joy for us elevated our joy even higher. .. You are meant to do this kind of work and it's my hope you'll be able to bring your "gifts" to many couples. You are a treasure! - Art and Jo Anne Stuckey

I ask that it be for the highest good of all concerned